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Collaborative Quality Management

Magnitude at Business Expos

Lead Capture and Qualification

Magnitude can be deployed in a multitude of ways. Every engagement with a new customer brings with it more opportunities to make use of the system.
In these videos we demonstrate Magnitude configured to benefit companies within a business Expo or Trade-show. Activate the video playlist to see how Magnitude delivers you a measurable ROI at your business expo.

See the following in action: Lead capture, Qualification and management through to closed deal; Needs-analysis selling and sales team management; Customer participation; Time and cost efficiency.

Snag Desk Automation

With Magnitude configured as your automated Snag-desk you place every one of your exhibitor clients at the front of the queue, always and forever. You now have clear sight of what tasks are unresolved per category of service.
A massive efficiency improvement, reducing frustration and stress and time-waste for everybody.

Ready to Go? Need more info?

We price Magnitude into the no-brainer category against the value delivered.
Whether for your tradeshow investment or any other operational requirement – we’re ready to help. Contact us today.